Detroit new developments.

Our newest products.

Brush 8

Eight extraordinary townhomes by DEP Designs.

DEP Designs has distilled the character and spirit of the historic Brush Park through an elegant, modern interpretation that is unique to Brush 8. The townhomes are characterized by the handsome brick work, reminiscent of historic Victorian homes, with large floor to ceiling windows and bay windows designed to fill the interior spaces with light throughout the day and provide generous and panoramic views of the surroundings.

Saint Charles

Historic luxury and modern amenities.

Both contemporary and historic, the Saint Charles Residences feature soaring ceilings, modern interiors, quality architectural finish selections, and common areas abundant with light and art.

Fort shelby

Luxury downtown living. Hotel amenities.

Refined finishes meld with the vintage charm of the Fort Shelby Residences. Quartz, wood and steel,  new elements in this century-old architecture enhance the beauty of each home, while modern appliances & systems elevate their comfort to a luxurious level.

Our newest products.

North Corktown 11

Quality homes with a modern style

North Corktown 11 is an upscale boutique property development offering customizable townhomes to match the owner’s style and needs. Located within walking distance are local shops, restaurants and parks, with North Corktown 11 conveniently placed for all recreational activities! The modern design and luxurious finishes are sure to make a great impression.


Modern sustainable low energy homes

The Eco Homes Housing Project was developed in the fuel of Detroit’s Midtown revitalization. The site was purchased within the limits of Midtown with the intention of developing a block of Single Family Detached Housing.

Fisher Kahn

New Center newest condominiums - Starting at $180,000

The Fisher Kahn, built in 1916, was originally constructed as an upscale apartment building. Positioned directly across from the yet-to-be-built Fisher Building it was in a prime area of the growing city of Detroit. Now upgraded and converted to condominiums, the Fisher Kahn Residences offer modern finishes at the heart of New Center,